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New York City Employees and Affiliates

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NYC Direct Deposit



1) Existing checking account customers are not eligible. An existing checking customer is defined as anyone who currently has or has had a Flushing Bank checking account within the last 24 months. This offer is limited to one Flushing Bank Complete Checking account per household. Minimum deposit required to open a new Complete Checking account is $25. The compensation will be credited to the checking account as a $50 credit for each qualifying event detailed above. Direct Deposit – You will receive $50 for signing up for and receiving a recurring direct deposit, of your New York City paycheck, of $150 or more. Debit Card Purchases – You will receive $50 for the completion of 5 debit card purchases. Each debit card purchase must be $25 or more. Online Banking Bill-payments – You will receive $50 for completing 5 online banking bill-payments via Flushing Bank’s Online Banking portal. Each online bill-payment must be $25 or more. Tax refund checks do not qualify as direct deposit. Direct Deposits, Debit Card Purchases and Online Bill-payments must be completed prior to 60 days after the account is opened. THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT ANY CUSTOMER CAN RECEIVE IS $150. The compensation will be credited to the checking account on or about 75 days after the account is opened. A 1099 will be issued in the amount credited to your account. Other fees and restrictions may apply. Speak with a Flushing Bank representative for more information. All offers are subject to change and termination without prior notice at any time. Flushing Bank is a registered trademark. 2) For Complete Checking accounts, Flushing Bank will waive the fees for the first 2 domestic ATM withdrawals and will rebate up to $6 in other bank domestic ATM Surcharge Fees per statement cycle. All rebated fees will be credited at the end of each statement cycle. No fees for inquiries. 3) Flushing Bank customers will not incur a charge from Allpoint for the use of their ATM network. Visit www.FlushingBank.com for a list of Allpoint ATMs near you. Additionally, customers using Non-Flushing Bank ATMs may incur ‘foreign ATM’ fees. Please refer to the Flushing Bank Schedule of Fees and account disclosure for more details. Please note: Some Allpoint machines may display a surcharge screen during the Allpoint ATM transaction. If so, simply select “Yes” to accept the surcharge and proceed with the transaction. You will not be charged the surcharge; if so, Allpoint will refund the fee.