Fraud Prevention and Reconcilement Services

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Fraud Prevention Services*  

Flushing Bank’s Fraud Prevention Services are designed to reduce the risks associated with check and ACH debit fraud and tighten your control over payments.  With our Fraud Prevention Services, you, the account owner are in control of disbursements.  Our efficient and reliable system enables you to take control of check issuance and payment information helping you to protect against unauthorized activity while maintaining check payment integrity and accuracy.  Our Fraud Prevention Services include:

  • Positive Pay – verifies check presentments against check issue information
  • Payee Positive Pay – verifies payee and additional fields against check issue information 
  • Issueless Positive Pay – verifies an encrypted bar code, printed on each check, containing issue information 
  • Reverse Positive Pay – provides images of all checks presented for payment requiring authorization for payment or return
  • ACH Debit Block and Filter – gives the user the ability to block or allow specific ACH debits to be posted

Reconcilement Services*

Flushing Bank’s Reconcilement Services program helps you monitor outstanding checks, enabling you to detect fraud and reduce your disbursement risk.  Flushing Bank offers several reconciliation programs to help you monitor your disbursements and keep track of outstanding payments.  Our service plans are designed to help you reduce the time you spend reconciling and monitoring your disbursements.  Our Reconcilement Services include:

  • Full Reconcilement – provides reconciliation of paid and outstanding checks 
  • Partial Reconcilement – provides reconciliation of paid checks 
  • Deposit Reconcilement – provides a list of deposits posted by location

Speak With Us Today

For more information about Flushing Bank’s Fraud Prevention and Reconcilement Services, speak with a Flushing Bank Representative, call 800.581.2889.  Public entities please call 888.600.372.


*A Flushing Bank Business or Public Fund checking account is required with Flushing Bank's Fraud Prevention and Reconcilement Services.