Equipment Finance

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Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance is the newest product offering from Flushing Bank. Through banks, finance companies, independent equipment lessors, captives, vendors, and brokers, Equipment Finance originates loans across the credit spectrum. Our capital markets scope is national with a focus on Middle Market to Investment Grade credits, yet we also work with smaller commercial operations based in the New York City metropolitan area and throughout the Northeast. Whether it is a new or used asset acquisition or a refinance of existing equipment, Flushing Bank will consider advance rates up to 100% of cost or value.

The types of products that Flushing Bank offers include:

    • Equipment Loans
    • Finance Leases
    • Conditional Sales Contracts
    • Capex Lines
    • Purchase of Lease Rental Streams

Flushing Bank lends to a wide array of industries and equipment classes with a focus on hard assets, and will consider softer collateral that is critical to an operation of a business depending on the credit quality of a company.

Industries of focus include: 

    • Transportation
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Distribution
    • Food Service
    • Healthcare
    • Packaging
    • Printing
    • Textile
    • Recycling
    • Post Production
    • High Tech

Equipment classes include: 

    • Trucks, tractors, trailers, vans, service vehicles
    • Buses
    • Construction equipment (Yellow iron)
    • Material handling, forklifts
    • CNC machinery, machine tools, production equipment
    • High volume printing presses
    • Rail equipment
    • Tug boats, barges, ferries
    • Airport ground support equipment
    • Food Production
    • Back‐up generators
    • Medical
    • Technology
    • FF&E

For more information contact Michael Nedder, Equipment Finance Manager, at 212.477.9424 ext. 0668.  

All loans and financing programs are subject to credit approval and Bank review. Additionally, Flushing Bank reserves the right to refuse loan and financing applications based on business type or activity. Flushing Bank is a portfolio lender with a wide range of loan and financing programs offering various rates and terms. All rates and offers are subject to change and termination without prior notice. Certain fees and restrictions may apply.