Deposit Products

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Public Funds Checking Accounts

  • Flushing Bank offers you a choice of both interest and non-interest bearing checking accounts depending on your particular need.
  • Our Platinum I and Platinum II accounts are for investment dollars. These liquid checking accounts help you maximize interest revenue.

Public Funds Certificates of Deposit

  • Competitive bids on Certificates of Deposits
  • Terms of 7 days to 6 years

Offering two types of collateral for your convenience

  • Traditional Third Party Collateral

    Flushing Bank utilizes an automated collateral system.  The securities are held in an escrow account in the municipality's name by a third party custodian.

  • Municipal Letters of Credit through the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

    Federal Home Loan Bank of New York's Letters of Credit are irrevocable and are offered at no cost to the municipality.  Rates for products backed by Letters of Credit may be higher than those backed by traditional collateral.

For more information on the products and services offered by the Government Banking Team at Flushing Bank,
call 888-600-3722.

All deposit products are collateralized in accordance with New York State law.