Cash Services

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Processing and depositing large amounts of cash can be time consuming – time better spent managing your business. Additionally, carrying and transporting these large amounts of cash to the bank not only presents a safety concern, but also exposes you and your business to the potential theft and loss of those funds…or worse. At Flushing Bank we understand these concerns. Our Cash Services streamlines and protects the processing of your cash deposits and currency orders by utilizing a secure and bonded armored carrier for pick-up and delivery.

  • Save time and improve safety
  • Features designed for your business
  • Flexible pick-up and delivery times
  • Electronic recording of deposits at time of pick-up
  • Same-day credit*

Additionally, your business will benefit by:

  • Improving back office efficiencies
  • Decreasing the opportunities of fraud or theft

Secure Safe Solutions
Secure Safe Solutions is an additional Cash Service that Flushing Bank now offers. As cash intake in your business increases, so does the risk of losing profits to theft and error. A lot of your time is spent counting and recounting cash, balancing statements, reconciling accounts, and preparing bank deposits. If this sounds like part of your business routine, then the Secure Safe Solutions on-site safe is the right solution for your cash management needs.

Getting started with Flushing Bank’s Cash Services is easy. For more information about how the service works, speak with a Flushing Bank Representative or call 800.581.2889.

*Same-day credit is available when deposits are picked up prior to pre-determined deadlines. Please speak with a Flushing Bank representative for more details and deadlines.