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Optimize your business’s cash flow and improve productivity

At Flushing Bank, we value the relationships we have built with local New York businesses. That’s why we are proud to offer a variety of cash management services that make it easier for you to manage your business.

Our cash management solutions help you accelerate collections, manage payments and transactions, and maintain control over your funds. Best of all, everything can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Receivables Services

Save time, reduce risk, and maintain cash flow with our receivables services. These flexible options offer convenience and security that meet today’s complex demands.

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Remote Deposit

Deposit checks from your desktop.

Icon Lockbox No Image

Automate the processing of your receivables.

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Cash Services

Use an armored carrier for your cash deposits.

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ACH Services

Originate Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions to streamline payment collections.

Customer Resources Customer Resources

Information Reporting

Cash Manager Direct (CMD) is an internet-based information reporting and transaction initiation service. It allows you to view account balance and transaction details as well as initiate transactions, including wire transfers, account transfers, ACH payments, and stop payments.

  • Obtain account information 24 hours a day – anytime and anywhere
  • View front and back images of paid checks
  • Receive online eStatements
  • Transfer funds (same-day, recurring, or future dated)
  • Get detailed reports on current day and previous day activity
  • CMD Quick Start Guide
  • CMD Video Tutorial Library

Flushing Bank Online Escrow is a state-of-the-art digital tool to assist in the management of escrow and subaccount requirements. It is ideal for attorneys, landlords, property managers, 1031 exchange, government entities, CPAs, funeral trust, residential care, and various general businesses. Features include:

  • Subaccount management
  • Split interest (if applicable)
  • Accurate recordkeeping and tracking – choose from a monthly statement or monthly trial balance report
  • Automated check disbursement requests
  • Automatic tax reporting – 1099 statements created and mailed

Payables Services

Take command of your cash flow and payments with our payables services. Our comprehensive services are designed to improve everything from efficiency to investment income.

Icon Controlled Disbursement No Image Controlled Disbursement

Minimize idle balances and reduce borrowing needs.

Icon Wiretransfers No Image Wire Transfers

Initiate domestic and international wire transfers.

Icon ACH Debit Block & Filtering Service No Image ACH Services

Originate ACH credit transactions and simplify payments.

Liquidityservices Liquidityservices

Liquidity Services

Flushing Bank’s Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service provides you with a means of automatically combining funds for disbursement or deposit to maximize the use of cash in your account. With the Flushing Bank ZBA service, you will gain control of your business finances using two types of accounts, master account and subaccount.

At the end of the business day, funds are automatically transferred to or from the master account so the subaccount maintains a zero balance. As an option, you may elect to have a predetermined balance maintained instead of a zero balance.


Fraud Prevention Services

Reduce the risks associated with check and ACH debit fraud and tighten your control over payments with our Fraud Prevention Services. Our efficient and reliable system enables you to take control of check issuance and payment information, helping you to protect against unauthorized activity while maintaining check payment integrity and accuracy.

Icon Positive Pay Services No Image

Positive Pay Services

Protect your business by detecting fraudulent checks at the time of presentment.

Icon ACH Debit Block & Filtering Service No Image

ACH Debit Block & Filtering Service

Block or allow specific ACH debits to be posted to your business checking accounts.

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