Cash Management

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Cash Management Services 

Flushing Bank recognizes the importance of managing cash flow. That is why Flushing Bank offers a full array of cash management services to help you optimize your business’s cash flow. Our banking team will develop a cash management solution that will help you accelerate collections, control payments, manage transactions and maintain control over your funds. Additionally, Cash Manager Direct now allows account mobile access via CMD Mobile.

Receivables Services 

  • Remote Deposit

    Remote Deposit allows you to scan checks from your computer and deposit the checks directly into your Flushing Bank business checking account.

  • LockBox

    Flushing Bank’s Lockbox service enables you to automate the processing of your receivables. For those businesses who receive a large volume of their collections/funds via check, Flushing’s Lockbox service is an ideal way to lower your costs and improve productivity.

  • Cash Services
    Flushing Bank’s solution to streamlining and protecting the processing of your cash deposits and currency orders. With our Cash Services, cash deposits are picked up directly at your place of business by a secure and bonded armored carrier service, logged in and then delivered to Flushing Bank where they are deposited directly to your Flushing Bank Business Checking account.

  • ACH Services
    Originating ACH debit transactions is a valuable tool to accelerate and streamline the collection of payments from corporate or consumer clients. Flushing Bank’s Cash Manager Direct is an efficient and safe service that enables you to originate ACH payments.

Payables Services 

  • Controlled Disbursement

    Minimize idle balances while strengthening your account management. With our Controlled Disbursement service, you are provided with early same-day notification of your check clearing totals, allowing you to precisely and accurately fund disbursement activity, reduce borrowing needs and enhance investment opportunities. With Flushing Bank’s Controlled Disbursement and additional services, you can be confident that you are receiving a cash management service that will enable you to streamline your payment process while providing more control over payments. 

  • Fraud Prevention and Reconcilement Services

    For businesses and government entities, check and ACH fraud is a major challenge regardless of the size or type of business conducted. That is why, now more than ever, you need to protect your account against these types of fraud. At Flushing Bank, we understand that challenge. Our Fraud Prevention Services and Reconcilement Services are designed to decrease the opportunities of fraud, while helping you avoid exposure to the potential theft and loss of funds.

  • Wire Transfers

    Effectively manage your wire processing by using Flushing Bank’s Cash Manager Direct to initiate domestic and international wires. Cash Manager Direct is not only efficient, but also a safe tool for electronic wire initiation.

  • ACH Services

    Originating ACH credit transactions will allow you to streamline corporate and consumer payments. This includes vendor payments, tax payments, direct deposit of payroll and expense reimbursement for employees. Flushing Bank’s Cash Manager Direct is an efficient and safe service that enables you to originate ACH payments.

Information Reporting 

  • Cash Manager Direct

    Cash Manager Direct is Flushing Bank’s internet-based information reporting and transaction initiation service. The service allows you to view account balance and transaction details as well as initiate transactions including wire transfers, account transfers, ACH payments and stop payments. View our CMD demo to learn more about how Cash Manager Direct works.

Liquidity Management 

  • Zero Balance Account Service
    Flushing Bank’s Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Service provides you with a means of automatically combining funds for disbursement or deposit in order to maximize the use of cash in your account. With the Flushing Bank ZBA Service, you will gain control of your business finances using two types of accounts:
    Master Account – provides the automatic funding to and from all the ZBA accounts called sub-accounts.
    Sub Account(s) – maintains a zero balance and can disburse funds as well as receive deposits. At the end of the business day, funds are automatically transferred to or from the master account in order for the sub account to maintain a zero balance. As an option, you may elect to have a predetermined balance maintained instead of a zero balance.

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