Remote Deposit

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A Powerful Cash Management Tool

Another cash management service tool we provide to our business customers is Remote Deposit. This service allows you to scan checks from your computer and deposit the checks directly to your Flushing Bank business checking account. In addition, Remote Deposit offers your business the following advantages:

  • Save time by avoiding trips to the bank
  • Make deposits on your time 24/7
  • Process your receivables electronically
  • Reduce costs by avoiding courier deposits
  • Avoid deposit delays related to weather, transportation or emergencies
  • Access online deposit information and reports
  • Take advantage of easy record keeping, handling, storage and retrieval

Signing up for our powerful cash management tools is easy. All you need is a PC, Internet connection, Flushing Bank business checking account and desktop scanner (for Remote Deposit).

Call us at 800.581.2889 to speak to a Business Banker and learn more about the benefits of banking with Flushing Bank.


Flushing Bank's Remote Deposit Service is provided by a third party not affiliated with Flushing Bank or Flushing Financial Corporation. Certain fees may apply.