Cash Manager Direct

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Makes Cash Management Easy

In conjunction with a Flushing Bank business checking account, many of our customers use Cash Manager Direct, an online cash management service that provides you with the following benefits:

  • Obtain account information 24 hours a day - anytime and anywhere
  • Transfer funds (same-day, recurring or future dated)
  • Pay bills online
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Originate ACH payments and collections
  • Initiate vendor and tax payments
  • Request stop payments on checks
  • View front and back images of paid checks
  • Get detailed reports on current day and previous day activity
  • Set up account alerts
  • Control user features and authorization levels
  • Download account information directly into Quicken® or Quickbooks®

Signing up for our powerful cash management tools is easy. All you need is a PC, Internet connection, and a Flushing Bank business checking account.

Call us at 800.581.2889 to speak to a Business Banker about the benefits of banking with Flushing Bank.