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Accessible Banking at Flushing Bank

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At Flushing Bank, we're committed to meeting the banking and financial services needs of all of our customers. With Accessible Banking, you can enjoy a wide range of products and services designed to make banking easier and more convenient for everyone.

Choose the products and services designed to meet your needs.

Accessible Flushing Bank Branches
We regularly monitor our locations for compliance with the ADA, state, and local accessibility laws by surveying the parking reserved for customers with disabilities, curb cuts and ramps, walkways, entrances, teller counters, safe deposit facilities, customer service telephones, and lobby areas. In addition, we will investigate and promptly respond to any accessibility concerns of our customers.

Large-Image Checks
You can receive your checks in large-image format. Simply contact or visit your local branch to request this free service at 800.581.2889 (855.540.2274 TTY/TDD).

Audio and Large-Print Brochures and Disclosure Statements
We provide audio recordings, large-print brochures and disclosure statements free of charge. Visit or contact your local branch for more information. You can also download the audio recordings and large print brochures here.

Raised-Line Checks
Flushing Bank offers raised-line checks that are larger than standard checks and have embossed guidelines that are easily felt. Raised-line checks are available and may be ordered like any other checks for your account(s).

Telecommunications Relay Service
We accept calls from relay services. Please call us at 800.581.2889 (855.540.2274 TTY/TDD).

Flushing Bank TTY phone number
We offer some dedicated TTY/TDD lines for persons who do not want to use relay services. Contact our toll-free number for all your customer service needs at 855.540.2274.

Reader Services
Flushing Bank branch personnel can assist you by reading and explaining applicable materials for financial products/services and assisting with opening accounts and/or conducting financial transactions. Stop by or call your local branch for an appointment.

Magnifiers are available to Flushing Bank customers to conduct bank transactions or complete important bank documents. Ask for one at any of our branches.

Website Accessibility
Flushing Bank is committed and dedicated to creating a satisfying and meaningful online user experience for people with disabilities. We are engaged in efforts necessary to meet online usability and web page design requirements recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in its Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

We have developed design practices that help customers identify, interpret, understand and interact with information presented on our website. These standards are currently being applied to improve the accessibility of our website. We use software tools to regularly test and evaluate the accessibility of our website and to make improvements.

Online accessibility features include:

  • Optimizing site code to work with Screen Reader Software such as JAWS
  • Skip navigation links
  • Assigning descriptive text to images
  • Providing captioning and/or transcripts for multimedia elements
  • Text resizing

Contact Us
If you have any suggestions that may help us to improve branch, phone or online accessibility for customers with disabilities, or if you have other disability-related needs, please contact us via phone or mail:

800.581.2889 (855.540.2274 TTY/TDD).

Flushing Bank
Accessibility (ADA)
P.O. Box 9000
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Attention: Compliance Department